Fifth Quarter Venture Agency

Name, Image and Likeness (NIL)

With changes to the NCCA and other associations policies prohibiting athletes from monetizing their name, image, and likeness (NIL), athletes are able to monetize their NIL and earn compensation from third parties without violating the rules; however, before athletes being to enter into NIL deals, athletes and their parents/guardians should receive practical education in the following areas: business planning and formation, intellectual property, contracts, financial and tax planning, institutional disclosure requirements, social media FTC guidelines, and advisor selection.

Our agency and partners specialize in educating and advising our clients and parents on these and other important issues to ensure they are protected, as they grow and scale their business and brands.

Brand Collaborations and Endorsements

Fifth Quarter Venture Agency connects our clients with top brands to create and drive worldwide brand awareness, sales, and other opportunities, through endorsements, personal appearances, licensing, and equity partnerships.

Social Media and Brand Development

Each client controls the narrative that circulates – whether in the press or social media. As partners, we will work with you to lay out the best strategy to maximize your marketability, brand, and platform to ensure that you’re best positioned and aligned for brand partnerships.

Athlete Management

We protect our athletes. Whether you’re signing an endorsement agreement or preparing for the upcoming season, we’re with you every step of the way. At Fifth Quarter Venture Agency, this is not about representation or management, it’s about the partnership because our client’s success is our success. When we win, you win and vice versa.

Broadcast and Digital Media

Fifth Quarter Venture Agency works with our clients for digital media campaigns, as well as life on TV networks, guest appearances on podcasts, and other platforms. Our digital marketing and creative team deliver quality media that executes and creates viable opportunities for our client’s brand to expand and make the desired impact.

Venture Investing

In today’s modern era of sports, personal brand equity is a powerful asset when scaling a brand. Fifth Quarter Venture Agency helps our clients identify the right opportunities for investment in other companies or, using the value and leverage of our client’s brand, we work with companies that would like to provide equity to our clients in exchange for being a brand ambassador or, if it’s the right fit, being a partner in the business.